Banana Ball has become the fastest and most entertaining game in sports. With its fast-paced rules and emphasis on continuous play, Banana Ball strips away the often criticized lulls and lengthy pauses typical of traditional baseball, delivering a high-octane and entertainment-packed game that keeps both players and fans on their toes. Banana Ball has 11 unique rules. The most notorious rule is that if a fan catches a foul ball, it counts as an out.

The History of Banana Ball


march 11, 2023 - mlbpaa game

The Bananas take on the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association in the first of a three game series. Former MLB stars such as Johnny Damon, Jeremy Guthrie, Heath Bell and more making up the MLBPAA roster.

june 2, 2023 - fan challenge

The first ever Fan Challenge in the history of sports took place. The Fan Challenge gives one fan the opportunity to challenge a play for either team during any point of the game.

july 11, 2023 - fan catch

Rule #8 – If a fan catches a foul ball, it’s an out. In this case, a line drive from Party Animals second baseman, Dustin Baber, was caught by a fan, Kahmani Faggart, to end the game and give the Bananas a win!

july 23, 2023 - 100 trick plays

Ryan Cox makes history by becoming the first Banana Baller to reach 100 trick plays in a singular season. The milestone came in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

august 16, 2023 - Hampton hR

Reece Hampton becomes the first player to hit a homerun during Showdowns to automatically win the game for the Party Animals.

august 26, 2023 - fastest mpi

DJ the Invader becomes the first player to throw an inning in under a minute giving him the fastest MPI (minutes per inning) in Banana Ball history.