the 2024 ticket wait list

The 2024 Banana Ball World Tour Lottery List closed on Dec. 1st. While joining the lottery list doesn’t guarantee the opportunity to buy tickets, a random drawing will take place approximately two to three months before the event.

While the lottery list is no longer accepting entries, the Wait List is now open. Based on the inventory available, and amount of people eligible for the lottery, we don’t anticipate tickets being available to those on the Wait List. However, you can let us know where you’re interested in tickets and we can send you tips on how to hop on the lottery list for our 2025 season.

Our tickets start at $35 when you purchase them from our site. If you find some that are way more than $35, those tickets had been bought from us and are now being sold on a third-party platform that we cannot control. These third-parties include StubHub, Ticket Master, etc. We also highly recommend that you DO NOT purchase from people on Facebook as those are typically fraudulent. Warning: Tickets purchased through third party sites are often fraudulent and will not be accepted.

2024 Ticket Wait List

Selecting a city of interest does not guarantee an opportunity to purchase tickets for 2024.